So I’m feeling a little annoyed/disappointed and sad with some things and people.
I fucking hate being social (mostly when i’m depressed and that’s like 90% of the time) I get so much anxiety and i think I’m some uncool…weirdo freak that everyone will hate but I still try and I go to all the important stuff like birthdays and get togethers because i know its good for me and i shouldn’t completely cut myself off from the world (as much as i want to sometimes) and i just try super hard no matter how hard it is for me because I love my friends and do enjoy spending time with them.

So i feel like all my worst fears come true when you ditch my important events for either no reason or a really shitty one. it makes me feel so sad.
And i can think of a few reasons some people might not come but honestly…i would like to think sometimes that maybe I’m more important than that…but i doubt it.

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