something i’m looking forward to…

*Handing in my last assignment

*New The 1975 track

*More coLab preparations


see things are looking up.

It’s so warm out today.
I had a uni presentation this morning and that seemed to go well I think, I also got one of my essays back and I got a distinction, so feeling pretty happy about that. Then I went and had lunch with mum and it was just what I needed. I’ve had such a rough time this week and she is the only one I can talk to. Helped me keep it together a bit.

I have a real problem with saying sorry too much…all the time

Good morning. 

I really have to get some food for the house cause there isn’t anything to eat…I’ve had a cup of green tea for breakfast. 

What are some healthy yum foods to buy? cause i cant think of a damn thing. So yeah, thoughts?

Well I don’t have vertigo any more (WOOO) and I’ve posted so many text posts. Might makes this a regular thing…I always want to post more text posts, so ima keep at it. 

To be honest, after my accident, I felt like complete shit. This year did not go how I intended and my accident only made my anxiety so much worse. I have the biggest trouble doing the most simple things now (like driving or catching an elevator) in fear something horrible will go wrong.

My whole year/life changed very quickly, in a matter of seconds I had a massive injury that I now have to take care of for more than a year. 

I have liked The 1975 for ages but for whatever reason after my accident I really fell in love with them. I listened to them and they just made every thing seem a bit brighter and magical. I feel happy when I listen to them and that helps me with everything else going on and that i’m now dealing with after my accident/injury.

(Source: daisycuts)

So its a full lunar eclipse tonight (Blood moon) and I’m so ready for it.
I’m ready to rid my self of the old and the bad and start new. For the past fortnight I’ve felt a real shift inside me, more acceptance of myself and what i’m capable of and its put me in a great mood and mind set. 

I’ve got the worst vertigo ever and have had to spend all day in bed :( but I’ve been watching interviews of the 1975 in bed, so despite being hell poorly it’s not all bad

I always want to write about my life on here and personal experiences but then I get a bit nervous and go blank

Going to try go back to uni tomorrow, so nervous. Still have so much pain so hoping I can get through it and not fall apart 👍