oh man my legs are actually so sore from yesterdays work out. so sore, i can’t even explain.
but its good :) hopefully i can still work out tomorrow though

Right now, this moment.
I feel the most self hate and I feel like I’m never going to be able to change just get worse.

I need so bad to go to the physio so I can get back to the gym and start yoga classes! 😞


I GOT IT GUYS. my user is ellephoenix
add me if ya like

Food I will not share

- The pip of the mango/any of the mango
- pistachio nuts (I don’t care if I have a kilo, you can’t have one)
- beef jerky
- strawberries

There is something wrong with me.
Something is wrong.

I’m so hungry and lonely but I am watching the killing, so that’s good.

It’s too soon! I don’t wanna go. I’m going to be one sad panda tomorrow

Gym then Valium

I just really want to be looked after today. I was so sick yesterday and I’m not 100% today. I just want a little something from someone.