Anxiety is sooo much worse at night!
And what is also really great with anxiety is being a hypercondriac 👌👍 so fabulous.

Dying to travel at the moment! 
I want to just leave unplanned and go wherever i want.

Don’t really want to spend tonight alone, wanna watch movies with someone and eat yum food!

Today I just want to soak in a bath and then lay in bed with my dog and watch movies.
Shame I can’t do any of these things.

Today I’m torn between wanting to eat badly cause I’m slightly hungover and not wanting to eat anything at all because yesterday wasn’t the greatest day food wise.

just went to the gym and i really didn’t want to!
woo go me.

Has anyone ever had a random song as a trigger?

oh man my legs are actually so sore from yesterdays work out. so sore, i can’t even explain.
but its good :) hopefully i can still work out tomorrow though

Right now, this moment.
I feel the most self hate and I feel like I’m never going to be able to change just get worse.

I need so bad to go to the physio so I can get back to the gym and start yoga classes! 😞