eh I have a cold/flu/something that makes me feel like shit. Cause i really love to end and start semesters at uni sick :/

The last week has been so shit, but particularly the last two days/last night, Even though i just booked a holiday with my family and i’m excited for it i’m really not ok with anything else going on right now.
I am destroyed, so tired and have a huge medication hangover.
In struggle town right now. 

It’s my birthday in 35 minuets & I will be 23.
I didn’t think I would make it to 23 let alone be living out of home or having a career goal I’m really excited about or that I’m actually at uni. I never ever thought I would go to uni, it wasn’t possible because I wasn’t good enough or smart or anything important. 
I have worked so hard to achieve simple happiness and it’s not perfect in any sense of the word but I’m still working on it. It’s really hard and I’ve come across new scary things but i’m working on it though. 23 with a future (never would have thought it)

If I can’t do this what am I going to do?
I really will be worthless

The amazing spider man 2 killed me. So sad

My feelings are so strong I might combust or die

So sick. Just laying on the couch drinking my 72 calorie cup a soup wishing for someone to look after me 😞

The last four nights I’ve had the worst nightmares. I’m so tired! I just want one good night sleep and no anxiety

Feeling less anxious tonight. Hoping it will get less and less, going to bed and night time have been a huge big anxiety mess for me lately. Here’s to hoping tonight will be better.

Trying really hard to put positive energy out.

Anxiety is sooo much worse at night!
And what is also really great with anxiety is being a hypercondriac 👌👍 so fabulous.