Finally after two years of suffering someone finally helped me and knew in two seconds the problem I have. For two years I’ve just had to live with an infection! I don’t understand, if a patient comes to you with a issue that is causing great suffering wouldn’t you try to help instead of just blowing it off as an allergy. Like rule everything else out first!
But no I’ve had to live with an infection for two years an infection that could have been treated if someone had just cared enough to look into and help.


It frustrates me that on tumblr everyone can share there problems and lives and disorders ect but I can’t.
Even on the internet I still feel ashamed or like if someone I know who follows me see’s it I will be judged and thought badly of, not that I want to blab all my problems all the time or share every tiny detail but sometimes it would be nice to be able to vent and spill as I can’t do that to many people I know or in my home life at all.
It gets so tiring hiding things or ignoring them and so many people get to share on the internet and I guess have people understand and that must be nice…I don’t want sympathy I just want to be able to talk and maybe someone go “yeah I know what you mean”

So I’m feeling a little annoyed/disappointed and sad with some things and people.
I fucking hate being social (mostly when i’m depressed and that’s like 90% of the time) I get so much anxiety and i think I’m some uncool…weirdo freak that everyone will hate but I still try and I go to all the important stuff like birthdays and get togethers because i know its good for me and i shouldn’t completely cut myself off from the world (as much as i want to sometimes) and i just try super hard no matter how hard it is for me because I love my friends and do enjoy spending time with them.

So i feel like all my worst fears come true when you ditch my important events for either no reason or a really shitty one. it makes me feel so sad.
And i can think of a few reasons some people might not come but honestly…i would like to think sometimes that maybe I’m more important than that…but i doubt it.

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My baby sleeping. 
What a most horrid day I have had but this little lady is always there being cute, naughty and funny. The only friend in my life that hasn’t judged me, left me, bullied me, not cared or hurt me, People should be more like dogs. My dog has a more loving, caring and original personality than most people…I find it sad that this is the case but not surprising when I look at the society we live in today.